The Horrible consequences of Doing Ballet

If you are young and thinking about joining any activities or sports, do whatever you please, but avoid ballet at all costs. For when you are young, you make decisions, which will alter your whole life. If you want to suffer the excruciating pain like a slave forced into labor for everyday of your life, then ballet is the thing for you. Not only will you suffer the discomfort of the leotard, you body will moan, groan, twist, and wither under the pressure of bending your legs in ways which they do not bend and stretching to an extreme to where you are numb with pain. This pain is everlasting and will haunt you until your death in which your soul will still shudder at the very thought of ballet.
For once you join ballet, you are enslaved like a common house slave, into all the cruel and unusual punishments that come with learning it. It is not a thing that is to be taken lightly for you cannot undo the feeling of soreness or ache that comes with learning to do the splits o. Your legs will forever remain bent in the new ways that you teach them to bend. Your mind will never forget the feeling of dread before a dance competition or the pang of wearing a leotard and a tutu.
For ballet is like a curse, a curse upon your body, soul, and spirit. This form of dance will grasp at your heart and suck all life and passion out of it until all that is left is a hollow shell in which your spirit will surely shrivel and die. Doing ballet and forcing your body to do things which it is not naturally trained to do is like forcing a full-grown man to bend in half, or a slave to work hard hours under a hot sun day after day. And yet if you avoid it, if you do not contact this form of dance and do not choose to do it, you will live a long, happy life in which you will be able to cherish every morning in which you open your eyes and every night when you close them. If you do not do ballet, your soul will not be withered and your body will not be tort…


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