The History of Tattooing

In today's society, tattooing is a popular way for one to express his or her ideas and thoughts.It is especially popular among gangs and groups as a way of identifying themselves.Although tattooing may be thought of as a new phenomenon, is has been used for many centuries by exotic tribes and ancient civilizations as a form of identity and cultural celebrations.Tattooing has a very diverse past including used for identity, status, and decorative purposes.
The earliest known form of tattooing is dated back to Ancient Egypt.Slaves were marked for the pyramid that they were assigned to construct (Schwartz).Criminals were also marked and sometimes a family would mark themselves.With the growth of the Egyptian empire, so did the practice of tattooing (History of Tattoos).Many tribes in Asia Minor and southern Asia including the Chinese adopted the art form around 2,000 B.C (Schwartz).
These tribes in Asia and China were known to tattoo themselves according to their religion or traditions.Tattoos were places around the wrists or fingers because it was believed to help ward away illnesses and bad luck.As time passed, tattooing became much more popular and not only were slaves and criminals marked, but also the higher class began to adorn themselves with the body art.Both men and women would put the marks on their bodies for their social class or for other reasons.For example, in Borneo, women tattooed their symbol on their forearm indicating their particular skill (Tattoo History).
The art form and categorical form became so wildly popular that when Julius Caesar invaded the British Isles, he reported that even, "the natives of Britain were tattooed," says Philip Gifford.
Gifford goes on to say that when tattoos spread to New Zealand, the Maori started using a unique process in tattooing their own warriors.Special artists called the Tohunga would mark each warriors face with a unique pattern …


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