The Hisotry of Animation

Animation went through so much to get to where it is today.When animationfirst began, it took a room full of artists drawing a single cell a day, when today a short animated film can be done in a day, with the help of today’s technology and software.Although you may think that animation is at it’s very best, it is changing very rapidly with the use of new computer software, better graphics, and more technology that aid animators in their work.
Animation is created by recording a series of still images in various positions of incremental movement, that when played back no longer appear individually as motionless images but combine to make the illusion of continuous motion.Animation toys have been used for centuries; an example of this is flipbooks.But at the beginning of the 20th century, animation was introduced as a cartoon field.An animated cartoon is often humorous or tells an adventure story.Atfirst animated cartoons could only be seen in the theater, until television became increasing popular.
Animation has been a part of movie history since thefirst movies were made in the late 1800s; it was often combines with films, in between scenes.Animation was not use alone until the early 1900’s.However, there were many problems with animation in the very beginning.
The crucial weakness of early short animated films is that they were uninteresting as films.The artists did not know how to structure a film (or an individual gag), giving it the necessary beginning, middle, and end.(Soloman 28)
Many of the early animators tried to create straight and bony characters move.This became a dominant style and it remained that way with a few modifications, until Walt Disney’s studios came up with all new characters with weight and realistic movements.
The late 1920’s and the early 1940’s were so important to animation. It is when cel animation became an animation industry standard, Technicolor, one o…


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