The Globe theater

My research paper is on the Globe. The Globe is a playhouse in London, England. This was a pretty neat thing to research because this year it is having an "Anniversary" Season this year with the performance of Julius Caesar, Anthony, and Cleopatra all male cast. Also the Comedy of Errors and a now play by Peter Oswald called Augustine's Oak. These were all performed in 1999 in the rebuilt Globe Theater.
Thefirst Globe playhouse was built and opened in the years between 1598-1599. Giles Allen owned the land on which the house was built on. Thefirst performances not known, but some think it was June 21,1599.
Thefirst recorded performance was Julius Cesar by Thomas Platter. Some other plays that were probably performed that year are Henry V and Henry VIII. The playhouse was rebuilt immediately. This time the roof is tiled not thatched. Also in 1613 Shakespeare retires to Stratford upon Avon. Three years later Shakespeare dies.
In 1949 Sam Wanamaker comes to London look for the Globe. He did not find anything except a plaque in a bar for remembrance. In 1969 Wanamaker meets Theo Crosby. 1970 was the year Sam W. establishes a raising fund to help rebuild the Globe. It was to be built 200 yards from the original site. In 1989 in October the remaining of the Globe are discovered.
Thefirst 1993 performance partially completed Globe was The Merry Wives at Windsor by Bremer Shakespeare Company. In the summer of 1994 the construction at the Globes Walls begins. It is to be the largest lime-plastering project in the UK. The New Globe is thefirst building in control London to have a thatched roof since the fire of 1666.
May 27-Sept. 21 of 1997 is the opening season of the rebuilt Globe. Including performances o Henry V and The Winter's Tale. In the second season as you like it and the Merchant of Venice are performed.
This was a neat paper for me to writ on. The facts and the pla


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