The Firebird

The setting for The Firebird was very mysterious and enchanting, with fog shooting out onto the stage.This helped set the stage for the Prince arriving in the enchanted garden.This seemed to set up the dancers perfectly to dance in an enchanted garden.The setting helped to set the mood for the dance right from the start to attract the attention of their audience.
The Firebird is about a Prince who discovers an enchanted garden and upon further investigation he sees the Firebird and captures her.She insists he let her go and in return she will give him a favor when he is in desperate need, so he lets her go.Then the Firebird introduces the Prince to the Princess and they dance together and fall in love.In order for the Princess to leave the garden though he has to defeat the magician.The Prince and the wizard have a struggle and it seems as though the wizard is about to win until the Prince calls on the Firebird for help.She tells him to break the sacred egg and it will kill the wizard and rid the Princess of the wizards spell.So the Prince is able to break the egg and the wizard dies.Concluding, the Prince and Princess get married, along with the Princess’s maidens marrying knights.The dancers seemed as if they were successful in telling the story at least in my opinion. Most people acted as if they knew what the dan!
cers were trying to get across to the audience.
The Prince and Princess seemed to have a free flowing dance, very graceful and peaceful.The two wizards seemed to move in a more forceful movement to show how powerful they thought they were.All of the princess’s maidens danced very gracefully in circles and such, around the princess. The wizard then turns them into different creatures and they act like spirits have taken them over.
Going into the play I had mixed emotions, I didn’t think that I would like it and I thought that it would be boring.It turns out that I really didn’t m…


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