The Essence of Strength : a discussion on the August Strindb

After reading The Stronger, the proverb "An empty barrel makes most noise" seems engraving on Mrs. X's face : the one the speaks a lot usually is not the stronger. Her monologue reminds me of a hedgehog – to protect itself from possible danger it erects its spines – and a frog, which blows up the air sac to let himself looks bigger and stronger. Mrs. X is definitely not the stronger one in this play. From the title onwards the writer ironically pointed out the silent Miss Y was actually the stronger.
To understand the reasoning we have to get a grim of the history between these two women. From the verbal'abuse' of Mrs. X we learned that there was some affairs among this two and Mr. X, and apparently Mr. X liked what Miss Y likes and Mrs. X has to accommodate to that : her vacations were by the lake because Miss Y hated the seaside; her son was named Eskil – the same as Miss Y’s father’s; The colors she wore, the books she read, the foods she ate, the drinks she drank were all favorites of Miss Y. Was the affair ended? In Mrs. X's perspective, yes; but was that really? We cannot be sure. Mrs. X was so self-indulged in the perfect marriage mirage she was seeing and dared not to question him or herself the possibility of him cheating – in fact all she did at home was "to love him".
On the other hand, through discovering most of her decisions in life were based on her husband’s knowledge of Miss Y’s likes and dislikes, she was shocked, "That’s why – oh my God, it’s terrible to think of, terrible! Everything, everything came to me from you – even your passions."


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