I recently saw a movie called, “The Devil’s Advocate.”The previews for this movie seemed unbelievable and sounded very similar to a previous lawyer-based movie.To my surprised, I came out of the movie with many questions, arguments, and admittedly, a little fear.I really enjoy a movie that provokes conversation and arguments about a particular subject that is controversial or makes a person think how they would react in a particular situation.
The movie revolves around a small-town lawyer from Florida who is extremely gifted in his ability to win cases, whether his clients were guilty or not.For example, at the beginning of the movie he was defending a person who was wrongly accused of such a horrible crime.He truly believed that his client was innocent because of his position as a well-respected teacher in the community.During the trial he noticed that his client was really enjoying himself and was aroused by her accusations and testimony.At this point he had to make a moral decision that only he could make.Should he continue to represent his client, even though he strongly believed that he was guilty of this crime?He appeared to have a personal struggle with this question, but in the end he decided to defend his client and actually won the case, ultimately keeping his perfect record, but also cheating the abused child who was unfairly molested by this man.He was then offered a great job in New York for a large law firm and became the new hot shot at the company because of his reputation in winning cases.This is when the movie gets extremely interesting, and also a little scary.He and his wife were so surprised and overwhelmed by this new lfie full of nice things and new friends.This new life was possible because of his willingness to do anything to win a case.As it turned out, the head of the law firm was actually the Devil who recruited him because of his disregard for morals in order to do one thing,…


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