The David

You may be wondering who is David?Or what is the David?Within the next few pages I will be answering your questions like :Who is David?Or what is the David?His importance in history?When was the David sculpted?Why was the Davidsculpted?And finally a comparison between other Davids, like Vercchio'sDavid and Donotello's David.
Oprea del Dumo diFirenze ordered the statue in 1501 after Michelangelo had come back fromRome.It took Michelangelo two and one half to three years to complete the David.The David was originally placed in front of Palazzo Vecchio, but in 1873, to protect it from the elements,acopy of the David was put outside of the PalazzoVecchio to replace the real one which was put into the Accademia Gallery.
David was the youngest of eight sons of Jesse.He wasa shepherd that had saved his father's sheep from a lion and a bear only using a sling and smooth stone.These werecommon weapons in those days.If you practiced long and hard enough, you could shoot one rock up to one hundred miles per hour and you could hit anything you wanted to, like a tree , a bird,or any animal you wanted .When David was about fifteen years old, he was sent by his father,Jesse, to go to the army with food and bring back tidings of the battle. While he was there, the Philistine champion Goliath [who was a giant from the town of Gath which was in Philistineterritory]came out andchallenged the Israelites to send their greatest warrior to fight him and whoeverlost would become the victor's slave, meaning that if Goliath won, the Israelites would become the Philistines, or vice versa.No one would challenge Goliath except for a young shepherd boy named David.David fought Goliath with only a sling and a stone.He later became one of the greatest kings of Israel of all time.Imagine what a difference from shepherdboy to king!
Michelangelo was twenty-six years old when …


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