The Crucible at the Rep

The Crucible, written by Arthur Miller, played recently at the Milwaukee Repertory Theater in Downtown Milwaukee. It was performed in their Quadracci Powerhouse theatre. Before I start critiquing the play, i will give you a brief description of the stage and audience layout. The whole audience is wrapped around the stage, leaving an 180 degree view from the stage perspective. The stage is setup with one set, which is rearrange to represent a different act in the production. The following is a drawing of the stage setup.
The play "The Crucible" occurs in the 18th century, when witch trials were conducted. In this particular story, the witch trials were being conducted are taking place in Salem. The whole play starts off with a group of adolescent town girls performing midnight dances and chatting. These girls are not witches, just interested in the mysterious rituals of a slave, Tituba, performs. Of the group girls is Abigail Williams, who rubs her face in blood during midnight episode. The girls were then caught and arrested for consorting with the devil. At this point of the story, the lies begin. The group of girls agrees to name the women they dislike in the town as witches. In Abigail's case, she chooses the wife of John Proctor, a local farmer. John Proctor and Abigail had a love affair, which left Abigail still in love with John Proctor.Abigail uses this situation to her advantage by mentioning John's wife, Elizabeth, as a witch. Abigail, at one point, had worked for the proctors. Elizabeth fired her due to thinking that her husband was not being faithful.


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