The Crucible

The Crucible When reading The Crucible written by Arthur Miller it really amazed me that the people in the play were so cold and ready to do what ever it took to get back at one another. The play starts out very innocent a bunch of girls dancing in the woods. Abigail who is the niece of Paris a minister was the instigator of the whole mess. The story goes into finding out that Abigail and Tituba were practicing witchcraft and not actually just dancing and having a good time. I really thought that Miller really had to have good thinking when he rewrote this play and made it more dramatically and intense. Abigail to me had two types of personality. She had the innocent personality, when she was accused of witchcraft she swore up and down that they practiced no witchcraft and that they were just dancing. Now when one of the other girls wanted to let it out that she was indeed trying to put a curse on the wife Proctor. She made the comment to the girls (Let either of you breathe a!
word, or the edge so a word, about the other things, and I will come to you in the black of some terrible night and I will bring a pointy reckoning that will shudder you) she was not a lovely person. Abigail only wanted one thing and that was Proctor she would have done anything to get him. She also did everything in her power to not let the light shine on her. She wanted everybody else to be punished for the crime her and the other girls had done. And that she did. Miller in my opinion made Abigail the center of the whole story she and the other girls were the ones doing the witchcraft, she had an affair with Proctor, stabbed her own self to make people believe that the Goody Proctor was a witch, and caused a dramatic scene in court to make the Proctors and Mary Warren look as guilty as she wanted them to be. Miller surprised me with ending. I thought for sure that Abigail would be convicted and hung for her lies and deceitfulness, but it turned out she got aw…


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