The Crown of Minos

There are different versions of the Greek myth of King Minos by Panocles.The Coop Theater Company performed the most famous version at the Black Box Theater on October 28.Writer, Director David Watkins, Jr.'s adaptation of the Greek myth of King Minos and the Minotaur was great.Watkins production captured everything that helped the message of the play.
The play starts by introducing King Minos (Ken MacFarlane).He was King of Crete.Minos was a tyrant who wouldn't listen to anyone.His wife Pasiphae (Annmarie Hehir) was the daughter of the sun god Helios and the oceanid Perse.Minos and Pasiphae with the help of a god had four sons Androgeus, Catreus, Deucalion and Glaucus.They also had four daughters Acalle, Xenodice, Ariadne and Phaedra.All their kids except Ariadne (Jen Eldridge), Phaedra (Christy Buchholz) and Androgeus (Morris Nash) died in the beginning of the play.Ariadne had a dream that Dionysus (Dante Salerno) came to her and was going to ask her to marry him.Dionysus was the god of wine, vegetation, pleasures, and of civilization.He gave her a ring, which she didn't tell anyone who it was from.King Minos was told of her dream and he got mad and started thinking that Dionysus was after him and his family.Ariadne was faithful to Dionysus waiting for the day he would come for her.
One day, a dispute over the domination of Crete led Minos to pray to Poseidon for a creature to sacrifice to the sea god as a sign of his true kingship.Poseidon sent Minos, a beautiful white bull from the sea, which became known as the Cretan Bull.This confirmed that Minos was the true king.However, Minos found the bull so beautiful that he refused to sacrifice the bull to the sea god.Instead, Minos sacrificed a bull of poorer quality to Poseidon.Minos kept this great bull for breeding with his herd of cows.Poseidon punished Minos by making Pasiphae fall in love with the bull.Pasiphae had unco…


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