The corrosive impact of globalization on languages

As globalization is gaining momentum in all dimensions such as economies, cultures among countries, it brings along crushing impact in many aspects. Languages are on the list of things that bear the brunt and statistics reveal that every year several languages dissolve. Thus the incipient trend prompts backlash by some conservatives who are gradually becoming apprehensive and appeal to governments to take measures to stave off their distinctions. Analyzing insightfully, I think they make a fuss about it and the protective measures are dispensable.
For a start, it is the historical trend that determines the demise of some languages. At one time in history, these languages may have contributed to the progress of society as means of communicating. But recently, they have outlived their usefulness. Few and far between people still use them for communicating. Thus, they are gradually becoming less and less conducive and constructive in facilitating people??s lives and pushing society forward. Therefore, these languages are destined to be ruled out of the world stage by the screening system dominated by history which resembles natural selection.
Moreover, with some languages petering out, it will add to the conveniences in communication. The language, embodiment of the speaker??s ideas, plays an essential role during communication. So on condition that everyone speaks his own language respectively, he will encounter obstruction in getting himself understood. Only if some languages vanish can more people resort to the same language. So as can be seen, the doom of some languages isn??t a thing without any merits and doesn??t deserve being bombarded.
Lastly, taking measures to protect languages that are on the brink of extinction is not a snap. It entails an exorbitant price including money, time and energy which is supposed to be channeled to other deprived fields such as education, environmental protection. And those fields are …


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