The Clouds

"They fear and see philosophy as a threat that will shake their sense of spiritual security or fissure their soda-cracker-like faith which is seemingly solid, but just a touch of philosophy's sturdy hand crumbles this faith before their very eyes." (Velasco, 54) This line struck me when I was reading the articles because it is true especially in my life.
Ever since I was young I always believed that I had strong faith in my religion, which is Roman Catholic. First of all, I considered God as a part of my life. I hardly missed masses during Sundays. I make sure that I pray when I wake up, before and after eating and even before sleeping. Another reason is because he became like a friend to me whom I can run to through all my trials and triumphs. Whenever I prayed to God, he would grant my hopes and wishes. Whenever I felt down, I would feel his presence helping me to recover. I remember an instance which made my faith even stronger. When I was a senior in high school, I really wanted to study in DLSU because I saw how my sister acquired great knowledge in this institution, which she is currently using in her job. And when I found out that I did not pass here, I prayed hard and went to mass almost everyday so that God would see how eager I was in studying in DLSU. After a few months, I found out that I was reconsidered and I considered it as one of God's works, which made my faith even stronger. Even when I have reached my goals, I would thank him for always guiding and supporting me through it all because I know he had a hand on that certain achievement. In short, God was part of my daily routine.
Before entering college, I was warned by a lot of people that college is a time when one questions and at the same time loses one's religion. It was not a problem for me then because I never questioned my faith or even doubt God's existence.
However, after being exposed to the six points of view I see thing…


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