the chippawa

There is a river, out in the wilds of north ontario named chippawa.Don't ask what it means because no one really knows,the local natives say it predates their tribe,the most they can make of it is "cheppuan" (river of beaver).This area of land is about as far out in the sticks as one can go ,never populated by more than a thousand ,even in its heyday ,which is when our tale takes place.The chippawa was once an important trading post for the french coure-de bois (runners of wood)on the way to the untamed wildlands and good trappings of the north,their was at least one man a day passing through,which is why no one payed any thought to Louis d'alembourd.Louis quickly destinguished himself from the other passerby by not leaving ,in fact he stayed thoughout the rest of summer and late into fall when he seemingly disappeared.Life went on as usual in the quiet little town,when suddenly the rev.Jeremiah Hakeswell (an englishman)lost a battle with the flu bug and was intered to eternal slumber at the age of 75,a ripe old age for these times.The people sent back to mother church for a replacement ,and were drop dead astonished when rev.Louis D'alembourd walks into town.Already their were rumours filling the air,because you see Louis was a renowned drunk,loudmouth, and rumoured rapist.As you can imagine Louis would take none of this and so the rumours seemingly stopped…at least out in the open.Months passed without any thing out of the ordinary whensuddenly one of the choir girls was found dead ,throat slashed ,aparantly raped. As you can imagine the townspeople immediatley turned to Louis for their retribution.They dragged him from the church,tied him to a tree and called the dead girls father forward to take his vengeance.The father picked up a dull farmers scythe and lopped off Louis's manhood despite his chilling screams of anguish.The priests screams only further enraged the wron


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