The black cat

The Black Cat The fall of the House of Usher
In hisfirst sentence he writes that he wants to tell his story "for the most wild yet most homely narratives". He neither expect nor solicit belief. It sets the tone on whether or not you want to believe what he is about to say. He speaks of household events that occur and he doesn't want to "expound" on them, but he does go into every detail of the events that lead to his arrest.Hisfirst encounter with a black cat which in some cultures is symbolic of evil or satanic is just the opposite in the beginning. He even names the black cat "Pluto" which is the Roman God of the underworld. He has a friendship with the animal that lasts for several years. During that time he feeds it and the black cat follows him all around the house and even follows him when he is walking down the street.
He uses the excuse of being an alcoholic as the reason why he maltreated his pets. His disposition went from happy to moody, irritable and more regardless of feelings of others. Which only can be contributed to his excessive drinking? His pets and his wife were made to feel the brunt of his temperament. The black cat was the only one who was not maltreated. But that was soon to change. Because during one of his gin-nurtured haunts about town, upon arriving home he fancied that the black cat avoided his presence.


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