The Artistic Gladiator

Art is defined in the Webster Dictionary as human ability to make things; creativity of man as distinguished from the world of nature (Webster's New World College Dictionary).Now when most people think of art or see a definition like that, they think of art that can be viewed in museums, such as: paintings, and sculptures, not the considering art in film.
Film can be viewed as all other forms of art thrown together to create an all-encompassing work of art.Movies have ingredients from almost all forms of art.The dialogue, and the plot the actual story being conveyed can be considered form literature.In fact most ideas and story lines for movies come from novels and other publications.Another contribution from the art world to film is music.Full scores of music are made particularly to suit the mood of the movie, the desired feeling that is communicated to the audience by the use of music.And in some cases the movie can make a single, or a whole sound track into its own marketable venture.Also the photography or in this case the cinematography in the film, the settings, realistic action sequences take great skill.And last but not least the theatrical aspects that go into a movie, the way the actors or actresses visually express the telling of a story and show feelings is the most important part.
One film that I chose for an example of this is Gladiator.This film was a major award winner in its year of showing on the big screen.I choose this movie because I felt that it has been one in recent years that has caught my attention as being a movie that will be one revered as a classic when its time comes.It also displays all of the previous aspects of art that I have already mentioned.
Gladiator was made in 2000 staring Russell Crowe as an army general for the Roman Empire.He is sentenced to death by the new ruling dictator of Rome due to fear of his power with the army's loya


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