Stanley in A Streetcar Named Desire

Character Analysis of Stanley Kowalski
A Streetcar Named Desire revolves around the association of Blanche with Stanley, who represents contemporary social values driven by male dominance. He is violent and barbaric throughout the play, both in costuming (an element of spectacle) and in dialog (in this case, an expression of both diction and character).As the play progresses, Stanley uses every possible tool available to him to subjugate Blanche, including destroying any possible healthy relationship, ostracizing her, and finally raping her.
In hisfirst encounter with Blanche, Stanley is irritated because he knows she has been drinking his liquor. He senses an invasion of his territory by Blanche, who has taken something that belongs to him. Stanley welcomes her into the Kowalski home; however, that acceptance requires that Blanche acknowledge his authority. When he removes his shirt in this scene, it is not so much to titillate Blanche as to demonstrate his masculinity.
Stanley’s desire to dominate everyone around him finds its ultimate expression in his relationship to Blanche. That desire ignited in Act I. During theirfirst confrontation, Stanley attempts repeatedly to intimidate Blanche into giving him the information he wants concerning the loss of Belle Reve. Initially however, Blanche responds only with flirtation and laughter and ultimately, with a long diatribe relieving her of responsibility for the loss, and bestowing all the legalities on to him.During the next scene, when Stanley physically intimidates Stella, showing his own physical prowess, Blanche attempts to take her away from him. In the course of the play he appears obsessed with finding Blanche’s weakness; when he discovers that she has committed sexual indiscretions in Laurel and senses her feelings of guilt concerning them, he acts immediately.
In the second confrontation between Blanche and Stanley we see another territorial dispute. Ignor…


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