In the 19th century Russian Theatre was very'unreal' andthe monopoly of the imperil theatres had been abolished in 1882. So after the abolishment plays were put on to make quick profits. The theatre Stanislavski came to was in a state and he ne he had to do something about it. The rehearsal process did not last that long. It only took 7 days from start to finish which is totally different from now a days.
Thefirst rehearsal consists of the actors reading their parts book in hand and the prompter was silent. The director gave actors moves for Act 1 and 2. These moves would barley relate to the script and what the character would be doing at the time.
They would be told to "pace up and down to show nervous state while wringing their hands" If an actor asked to sit because their character would do that they were told "how can you possibly sit down when you are supposed to be nervous?"
Day two and this continued for Acts 3 and 4.
Day three and day four was the actors rehearsed their line and moves they had been tote the days before. They spoke in half voice for this.
Day five and the line should be learnt but usually never were.
Day six, the actors play without the script but still in half voice. The prompter would be in full voice so he was heard.
Day seven, the actors play in full voice with make-up, costume and set.
That night would be the performance.
Often the actors took over and ignored the director thinking they new better. Actor would move to the front to deliver their lines to the audience and never the other character they were meant to talking to, as this was the style at the time. The script would be ignored and sometimes actors made their lines up and never learned them. Actors that couldn’t be bothered to learn their lines moved DSC to the prompter’s box and were spoon-fed their lines. The sets were set up so the actors could deliver their line straight out front.


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