Songwriting 101

The world of literature consists of many different genres, and of those genres the most commonly overlooked is songwriting (Frey). To this day uncountable numbers of records have been sold. There have been countless awards given to the people who focus their entire lives upon this one section of literature.And to this day, there have been more people touched by a song than by any other genre or literature.It is skill that only few people take the time to learn and to understand, but the fans of great songwriting understand why they invested so much time into this art.
Thefirst thing to understand about songwriting is simply this, what makes up a well-written song? There are three basic things you must include in a song to make it a masterpiece.First you must start out with a title. The title of the song is the backbone and reason for it being written in thefirst place.The title gives a song focus and gives it power.It also should intrigue the listener.Without this the song is sure to fall apart. Next a song should include a focused chorus.A course is a repeated or closely repeated set of lyrics. Therefore is should give focus to the title.It should support and define the title so that the title has a reason.And the final thing a well-written song should include is a verse.A verse gives examples and new ideas to the title.It gives you the opportunity to speak your mind, or even tell a story around the title and the chorus (Fleece).
After you have planned a song that includes a title, a chorus, and a diverse verse, what else should you include?This is called the arrangement or makeup of the song.The song needs to have rhythm, a tempo, a style and other clique things.These things have to fit with the music.You don't need a heavy metal tempo with a love ballad. A mixture of tempo and style will only lead to confusion in the song, or a lessening of the lyrical focus


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