Sodoma Giovanni Antonio Bazzi

Name: Sodoma Giovanni Antonio Bazzi (Italian Sienese)
Title: Christ Presented to the People (Ecce Homo)
Sodoma was trained in Lombardy, but most of his career was spent in Siena, where he was, together with Beccafumi, the major figure.This work dates from the last decade of his life.The use of contrasting figure types of sfumato derives his study of the words of Leonardo da Vinci and has a powerful emotive effect.The turbaned figure is Pilate, who presents the resigned but dignified Christ to the viewer as an object of contemplation.Though cut down, the late sixteenth century frame is of fine quality.
Oil on canvas; 23 5/8 x 23 ? in.(60 x 59.1 cm)
The painting is a depiction of Jesus Christ being presented to the people.He is the center of attention.Light is being cast on Jesus as opposed to the shadow being cast on other people surrounding Him.To me, it seems that God was shining a light down from Heaven.His body looks very realistic by showing the cuts and bruises across His chest.The thorn crown protruding his forehead made blood drip down into his face.Shadows show every line and curve of His body.It looks real and very naturalistic.
This painting was more of a close-up picture.You can only see the upper body area.You don't see anything else.There appears to be 4 other people surrounding Jesus Christ.On the left, it looks to me as if he was Judas, one who betrayed Jesus Christ by being dishonest and committing treachery.The man on the right wears a red cape and head wrap.He looks like Pontius Pilate.He became famous by persecuting Jesus Christ.The other people behind the three main characters must be the followers of Jesus Christ because you see their face a little bit.It shows the emotion and the sorrow on their face.They also look like they have a halo over their heads.
There is no background to the painting.It is all black.


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