Shock Art

"How has'art that has shocked', influenced
the views of the public and the art establishment, through the centuries?
And what were their motivations?

Art which has shocked has always been a controversial topic, because it commands a response, whether the spectator be affected with shock, daze, or surprise, this as a result has influenced the views of society through the ages.I have chosen to study the above subject matter as it is a topic in which I have experienced in my life time already and therefore is a topic I can broach, analyse and be influenced by.Many of the artists that I have chosen to analysis were outcasts amongst peers, whilst some were and are icons of their own movements; however whatever their status many of them were met with controversy as their ideas were seen as distasteful and disagreeable by the public, rather than radical and inspirational.
I intend to analyse the work of artists who have shocked throughout the timeline, from when social barriers were high and restricting in the period of Fauvism and Picasso, pending through the centuries finishing with modern artists today and the relative freedom which they now express.The aim is to find conclusive evidence tofirstly answer the title of the investigation, and secondly to understand the true concept of shock, how it is created, the motives behind it's creation and what factors influence the artist.So from the Fauvists to Jake and Dinos Chapman I welcome you to follow the long line of trend makers who have rocked the art establishment over the centuries.

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