Shadows on the Beach Analysis

Shadows on the Beach is a short play that has a man talking about the insecurities that he has concerning his wife's faithfulness toward him. He is talking to a girl about them and the audience can tell that he is in pain over the fact that he believes she is having an affair. In the end we see that he is actually talking to his wife and that it is him that she is in love with. In a sense it is the shadows that they make on the sand that the man was talking about. In the end the man's fears are diminished because he know remembers and understands that his marriage isn't how he thinks it is and that everything is going to be okay.
This play involves a beach setting. This is important to convey to the audience because number one the word beach is in the title and it would confuse people if they thought the play was going to take place at the beach and it ended up in another place. Also through out the play the characters are looking out and talking about seeing someone walking on the sand. The HE character also talks about his wife taking a swim in the cold water. To convey this fact I think that beach sounds, such as seagulls and the sound of water should be brought in at lest in the beginning and the end of the play. The set can be simple with a few rocks and small palm trees.
The lighting needs to be on the dim side because this takes place at dusk. The sun is going down and so the light needs to have reddish highlights in it. The lights also has to be set so that the characters' shadows are cast out in front of them so that they and the audience can see them. This is because the characters are talking about their shadows so they need to be able to look at them easily and also the audience needs to see clearly of what they are talking about. It the shadows were in the back of the characters, they would have to either turn around to see them thus putting them in a closed position or ignore the shadows and ther…


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