seating design

Materials and Processes Evaluation

seating design project

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Jeff Theesfeld
Philadelphia University
Materials & Processes II
May 4

"Slated" is a seating design project that not only encompasses a
new idea of what seating is, but also uses a material in a new way. This
material would be slate. Slate is aextremely strong and durable rock that
has beencommonly used for roofing and pavers. Slate is commonly
available in standard sizes ranging from a 4×6 roofing tile, up to a 50×60
paver. For the Slated project two 18×30 sheets were used.This size is a
common paver size. The slate used was approximately a half of an inch
thick, however do to the natural imperfections thickness varies. Thickness is
usually standard due to the processing method. At an average quarry a
large block is chiseled and the slate fractures along its natural cleavage
lines.A cleavage line is a line of weakness that runs throughout the piece
produced from the layers of silt that have been compressed to form the
slate rock. These lines of cleavage a fairly uniform providing for this
standard half inch thickness.
Slated's design was inspired from the natural beauty and simplicity
of the slate rock. The rock is naturally formed in planes, therefor the seat
not only kept but enhanced those planes. This touches on one of the basic
design principles, line. Line was a key principle in the project.The goal was
to keep a clean and simple line while producing a strong structure.As far
as other bacis design principles they are all touched on by the slate.Both
color and texture are achieved with the natural qualities of slate. Although
a variable the color used is a dark grey. This dark grey is found in slate from
the northeastern region of the United States. Other colors of slate are
available from other regions of the world. These other colors provide for a
more exotic look from the traditiona…


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