Sculpture and Archetectorial Ideas of the 5th Century

The sculptural and architectural ideas during the 5th century do show some signs of classical works. At the same time, they show many signs of beginning to break apart from those traditional ideas. First, let us discuss the sculptural ideas. Much of the format for this work is still an upright figure, in line with traditional sculpture, but with some noticeable differences. One of the examples of this is the Riace Warriors. These statues are in the upright posture referred to as the kouros posture; as were most classical sculptures, but some very noticeable differences do exist. For example, the stances of the warriors are different, in that one foot is in front of the other, appearing to rest weight mostly on one of the feet. The shoulder is also lowered; this too is different from traditional sculpture. The most noticeable difference between the Archaic and classical styles in the Riace Warriors is the facial expression. Here the warrior's expression is much more serious, rather than the smiling face seen in many previous works. The new facial expression gives a look of power and intelligence.
Another difference that can be seen in the 5th century sculpture is the amount of realism put into the work. The Athenians of this time believed that they were vastly superior in intellectual thought, which can be validated in their thought process to begin doing things in a new and better way. A great example of this is the statue of Discobolos. The maker of this sculpture, Myron, pays special attention to muscular definition, and facial expression. He also captures the man in the middle of physical activity, as opposed to simply standing still or simply looking like he is posing. The confidence and intellectual superiority the Athenians believed they had begun to come out in their work during this period.
The height of Greek architecture was also during the 5th century, from c.450- 430 BCE. The Athenians now had funds that they w


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