San Francisco State University Student Union

San Francisco State University Student Union
Since the beginning of human history, people have hallowed out of their immediate surroundings an environment increasingly more pleasure, more efficient, and more beneficial to their existence. Interior design was uppermost in the human mind from the earliest years, and it reflecting social, political, and artistic growth.Back in the ancient time, people started to take into account proxemics, it is the nature of the interior space, our relationship to it, and our relationship to the people who share with us.
The Student Union of San Francisco States University is considered a contemporary building, and it should provide comfortable lounge areas for rest, relaxation, conversation, or studying, but in reality it is not satisfy students needs for safety, comfort and privacy.
The Students Union had been there for many decades, and it would be more convenience, secure and comfort for all the students if we make changes in floor plan and its structure. Because, from my point of view, the building is not safe and comfortable, I would change the exterior and interior of the Student Union into a new building that would accommodate all students' needs and make them feel comfortable when they are in it.
I would change the exterior of the building because the building itself has all the straight lines that make the building look very masculine and clumsy. I would be more beautiful if I change all the walls to circular walls to make the building looks more spherical and feminine. In addition, the pyramid on the top of the building is very odd, and I would like to remove it from the structure of the building, and replace with a semicircular roof. I would remove all the stairs outside of the building and placing several sculptures around.
The wall from the main entrance of the Bookstore, I will change it to a glass tile walls.I would replace all the windows to cl…


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