Saint Teresa Vision

Saint Teresa Vision brings the reader to a new world of beliefs. It is amazing how well she describes her visions. Teresa claims she had many other visions of angels but never paid to much attention to them. Saint Teresa felt she would see an angel perfectly showing her a sign of God.One day, she saw an angel describing, him being short, beautiful and his face so aflame that appear to be all afire. He also had a long golden spear that would stab her chest later on. Teresa never knew the name of the angels that appeared to her, but she could tell angels never had a similarity between each other. Saint Teresa also claims angel had a spear with a fire on the tip. The tip of the spear went through her innards. When the spear drawed out, she thought her innards would come out but instead she was left with the love of God. The pain was not so painful it just made her groan several times. Teresa didn't mind the paid at all; she was grateful of the experience she received from God.
Saint Teresa Vision reflects the time in which it was produced since it was time of learning from painting and religion. At that time Catholicism was strong, and Saint Teresa Vision made an impact to citizens. I feel the paint belongs at time that it was done. Saint Teresa Paint is done with details like the angel with spear, his face looking straight down to Teresa. Teresa facial expression is showing pain when spear went through her innards. Saint Teresa's Vision probably changed many persons perspectives towards miracles. Many people did not believe in angels or in miracles of God but probably her experience might have change people point of view. Teresa proved that miracles of God do existed, if you are a true believer.
Saint Teresa's vision does compare with our modern world today. Many people around world has experience other type of miracles, for example, having the image of Virgin Mary in a Window or wat


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