Romeo and Juliet

Good morning Ms Spillane and fellow classmates. Act 1 scene 5 sees Tybalt furious about Romeo, Benvolio, and Mercutio being able to stay at the Capulet’s ball. Today through an interior monologue I will give you a better understanding of the thoughts going through Tybalt’s mind after the ball. I will explore Tybalt’s personality in the process.
How dare that filthy Montague dance with fare Juliet. If he thinks he can just stroll in here and dance with a Capulet then he’s asking for trouble. She fell right into dirty arms; tomorrow she will just be another one of Romeo’s girl.
How could a Montague ever be a guest of ours? How could someone of such low caliber be allowed to join us Capulets. I have been brought up all my life to hate Montague’s, yet Master Capulet allows that dirty scum into the house. To be a real man in this world you have to show honour. Allowing dirty Montague’s into our house shows not honour, but dishonor.
That family wouldn’t be hated so much if they hadn’t have killed my father. An innocent man he was, fighting for his freedom, the pain that comes to mind when I think of the topic is unbearable. I will fight for the respect that I show towards my father. I will live my life in the way my father would have wanted me to. He was my role model and the Montague’s tortured an innocent man, he didn’t kill Master Montague, yet my father was put to death. I will fight till death.
This has been the worst night of my life, being in the presence of such trash. How could Capulet let not only intruders, but Montague’s into our household? How dare he dishonor the Capulet name? Is the great Capulet going to listen to the Prince? Is he going to end the Great War? The feud will go on between us and I’m going to make sure it does.
I could have killed Romeo there and then tonight. I could have killed a Montague. I would have brought great pride to the Capulet name. I can see the headlines around the papers now –


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