Romeo and Juliet

Widdicome says that in order for a play to be considered a tragedy that it must have certain characteristics. Romeo and Juliet have most of these if not all though some are harder to find in the play.
Thefirst one that Widdicome mentions is that is must to multigeneric. Romeo and Juliet is a blend of comedy and tragedy. This is seen in the character of the nurse for the comedy side of the play and the tragedy is the seen in the death of Romeo and Juliet.
The next on that Widdicome talks about is that the play has interwoven multiple plots. Two plots that come to mind are the fighting between the Montague's and the Capulet. Another is the love interest of Paris toward Juliet. A third would be the hate between Tybalt and Benvolio which bring us to Romeo killing Tybalt and being exiled.The next is they trace the lives of important people from a state of comfort and security to despair and dissolution. This one is a little harder to see in the play then others but one area would be the fathers and mothers of Romeo and Juliet who go from be happy and having all they want to losing there children. The next one is the struggle between, and full self-realization and the acquiescence to social norms this can be see in the love between Romeo and Juliet because they are form feuding families there love for each other is forbidden. The social norm would be Paris's love for Juliet and that she should marry him to follow the social norms of their society. That next one that appears in Romeo and Juliet is it presents a vision of stoicism in the face of suffering and failure. This is seen in Romeo and Juliet in the prologue were it says a pair of star-crossed lovers take their lives we know that before the play starts that they are going to die. They do their best to endure this fate with the plan that they come up with to run away but still end up dying.


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