Roman Art

Art has changed a great deal since it began many centuries ago.Centuries don'tnotice the small changes that are shown even between cultures of alike times. Greeks and Romans both have beautiful pieces of art, but they were very different from each other.The amazing thing about art is that no matter how differences they are it is still beautiful in its own way. There are also alike in some ways. Theythat are unique with these two cultures as well, but the point that will be focused on is the differences that are found between Greek and Roman art.The pieces that will be focused on from the Greeks are Black-Figured Psykter and Red-Figured Kylix Depicting a Young Athelete, and from the Romans are Mummy Portrait of a Man and Mummy Portrait of a Young Woman.
The Menil Collection in Houston holds the Roman Portraits.The Mummy Portrait of a Man is from the Fayum area in Egypt.It was painted about 150-200 B.C. It is painted in encaustic on wood, and is a Fayum portrait.The Mummy Portrait of a Young Woman is also from the Fayum area and painted in encaustic on wood.This portrait was painted about 150-200 B.C.The term Fayum portrait is actually derived from a Coptic word meaning " The land of the lake," which refers to the artificial Lake Qarun.This lake was a project of the kings of the Twelfth Dynasty, and it was this lake that made a desert area of about 100 kilometers into one of the most fruitful areas in Egypt.It was such an amazing achievement that the lake still to this day gives this region water keeping it fruitful.
The purpose of the Mummy Portrait of a Man as well as the Mummy Portrait of a Young Woman was to identify the mummy.These portraits were paintings of the person that they identified.The edges of the paintings have paint missing, due to the fact that these portraits were placed over the face of the mummies.The fact that both the artists of these portra


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