Roman Architecture and the Vancouver Court House

One of our progressions in the world is trying to minimize the size of our global village.The world has been made smaller with the means of the internet and air travel.Art, without a doubt, is no exception to the group of contributors of the shrinking world.In some forms, it is the most powerful route to bringing different people together.People around the world are separated by language and art speaks many languages that can be understood by everyone.The Pantheon, in Rome, is a well known building for its innovative forms of construction.People then and people now know how to listen intently with their eyes and comprehend its magnificence.It has been very influential to many art pieces to follow and to society.The Vancouver Courthouse, now known as the Vancouver Art Gallery, is a product of its influences; it is a translation of the Pantheon.
In July of 118, Hadrian entered Rome as the new emperor after Trajan's death.His goal was to "leave in Rome a permanent memorial of his reign. "The construction of the Pantheon can also be credited to the architect of the project, Marcus Agrippa.The building would fulfill his Hadian's need and as well as satisfy the symbolism for this new reign.Along with having symbolic references, the Pantheon also stood concretely as a temple.To set the temple apart from many other monuments, the traditional porch with the columns was joined with the domed rotunda.The interior of the dome is as exciting as the exterior.Lining the dome are many five ringed coffers and provide the diminishing effect.At the very top of the dome is a circular opening, like a Cycloptic eye.This is the entrance for the sun's rays to fill the gigantic space of the rotunda.This'eye' not only combines the tradition of respecting gods from the heavens, but it also welcomes the outside world.Unlike the Greek's Parthenon, the Pantheon was to be entered …


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