Robert Frost – Fire and Ice

Some say the world will end in fire,
From what I've tasted of desire
Robert Frost contrasts fire and ice in such a way, that the reader is left to believe he is speaking of emotions.Desire, when describing love, is such an emotion that a person is left to crave the mere being and soul of another person.It is the sheer appetite to taste that other individual that makes the passion of desire so powerful.Desire is easily compared to fire in the same way that a fire burns intensely, and is easily ignited, so is desire a distinction to the combustion of obsession.
Hatred, the most intense emotion known to describe the extreme aversion felt by man for another being is compared to ice.Ice is the powerful reaction that occurs at extreme temperatures and turns any liquid substance into a solid. Both hatred and ice produce a result so extreme that the destruction of the world does not seem such a tragedy in their wake.
To distinguish desire and fire against hatred and ice show two extremes contrasted with two emotions. Robert Frost easily takes hold of the reader and throws them into another place.A place of intense emotion, both scorn and obsession, and the sensation of heat and cold.Places were the force of destruction and the fruit of life can obliterate one another.The poem breathes the essence of creation and devastation.
Frost, a mastermind with words, can take a simple feeling, sentence, and phrase and transform such an idea as to take the reader from the book to the fantasia in his mind.Fire and ice displays the emotions felt and the literal forms of those emotions.


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