RIW1 Neoclassism/Romanticism Art

The period of Neoclassical art began in the 18th century and overlapped with the 18th century
Age of Enlightenment. The Neoclassical art period continued on into the 19th century. The
Neoclassical art period embraced stylistic characteristics and often resembled art from the
ancient Greco-Roman society. Neoclassical art was grandiose, poised, and very self-controlled.
This period held a belief that society was too reckless, playful, and indulgent. The period sought
to provide society with past virtues, ethics, and morality.

The period of Romanticism began around the 1770's and continued until the second half of
the 19th century. The period of Romanticism conflicted with the Age of Enlightenment and the
Neoclassical art period in the 18th century. Self-Consciousness was a key element to the period
of Romanticism. Romanticism evolved from myth and symbolism while embracing nature.
Romantics were unsure about the world around them and many became socially involved while
seeking involvement in politics as a result. Many others became socially detached. Artists
during the period of Romanticism expressed their views with emotion, often taking public
stands and expressing these emotions through their writings and art. The artists of this period
felt the middle-class did not understand them and were indifferent to their values and

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The artists of the Neoclassical period were often viewed as having a higher social class than
the artists of the period of Romanticism. The artists during the Neoclassical period did not seek
to arouse emotions and were cautious. Artists of the period of Romanticism were the opposite.
They sought to stir emotions of society and create more individualism and spontaneity. They


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