Review of The Skin of our Teeth

The Skin of Our Teeth was a thought provoking and entertaining
production.First the Ice Age, been there done that, learned nothing.The
great flood, been there done that, learned nothing.A world of war and
fighting, been there done that, learned nothing.These are the points
Thornton Wilder worked so hard to get across.The human race as portrayed
by the Antrobus family has been there and done that, yet have learned
nothing and keep repeating the errors of the past over and over again and
ends with the idea that we don’t know what is to come.From Sabina, the
flirty maid to the comical pet dinosaur and mammoth, who are kept as family
animals, the play is a great production for all audiences.
The costumes were perfect for the play, they were time appropriate as each
act progressed and added to helping with setting the time and place of the
play.During the final scene when the family comes back together after the
war, the clothing is burnt and very dirty looking, it was very appropriate
for that portion of the play.Lighting and sound was great.The props
could have been a bit more realistic during Act II and III, the plywood
furniture wasn’t exactly correct for the time.The destruction of the
furniture and books during Act III were appropriate and fit well.
At the opening of the play when Sabinafirst enters onto the stage and
it appears as if someone is missing their cue, it was very believable.
I was beginning to wonder what was happening, and then the voice over says
tells her to stall and she did a great job of portraying that an
actor/actress was missing.The actors/actresses all
spoke very clearly and lines were all clearly understandable. My favorite
performer was Sabina; she was very realistic and stayed in character
throughout the entire play.She played the role of flirtatious maid,
pageant winner and back to classical maid without skipping a beat, all t…


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