Renaissance Artist's Characteristics

The early renaissance artist's characteristics in their art were very prominent.One of the characteristics shown was a great reference to the classical art of the ancient Greeks and Romans.You can see this in Paintings by Masaccio, Fra Angelico, Francesca Fra Lippi, Mantegna and Botticelli.
Some of the other characteristics can be seen in some of the art works are:
In the Tribute Money by Masaccio the classical influence.You can see this by looking at the right hand side of the painting.There are Roman arches and columns in the buildings.The landscape in the background is excellently done.The depth is very obvious ass seen by the rutes receding and the perspective in the building and creating a 3d look.The use of light and the folds in the garments looks very realistic.
'Resurrection' by Francesca.
This painting can mean a lot of different tings to different people.Some people think that the people of the bottom are dead.Other people think that they are sleeping or crying.The background landscape is scattered trees, which are in front of hills.This suggests a feeling of depth.The triangular look to the painting is caused because the vision of Christ is in the middle of the painting and higher than the rest of the people.The figure of Christ is much lighter than any one else.Making this a general significant point.Overlapping shapes creates depth.This is done in the painting by the overlapping of the figure of Christ and the people in front of the podium.The modeling of the clothes is detailed.They are wearing tunics with definite emphasis on the folds.This gives the painting a 3d appearance.This is a religious based painting.Like so many others of this time.
"Annunciation" by Fra Angelico.
The perspective is not well executed although it is an attempt.The folds on the garments aren't as realistic as the others, but are still d


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