Renaissance Art History

The transition from the Middle Ages to modern times between the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries is referred to as the Renaissance, which originated in Florence, Italy. During this time, Italian artists studied the art of the Greeks and Romans, whom they learned a lot from. The Italian artists had hopes of rekindling the spirit behind Greek and Roman cultures, referred to as classical antiquities. The Renaissance artists were the main spark behind the rebirth of both cultures. Renaissance humanists emphasized the classical studies along with the restudy of the culturalist ideals and forms.
With the combination of wealth and dominant connections, the Medici family soon began to make their presence known early in the fifteenth century of the renaissance. The Medici family were among the more powerful supporting leaders of humanism. The Medici's influence along with few members of the house that supported patrons of the arts, literature, and learning, are what helped establish Florence as one of the richest repositories in Europe.
During the high Renaissance, art became a way for some to make a living. Artists were creating ways to show their humanistic ways and views. The same artists could often times get a better understanding of the renaissance in their own paintings.
One important artist of the high Renaissance is Leonardo da Vinci, who presents the High renaissance dichotomy better than any other artist of that time period. Leonardo worked for a military weapon engineer, but still managed to continually paint creations of ideal beauty during the high renaissance. After his brief job with the military weapon engineer, Leonardo attained a better understanding of the evil nature of a man.
Another important artist is Raphael, who composed the balance and harmony of the high Renaissance. Throughout the Renaissance time period, Raphael designed many churches, palaces, and even mansions. His interpretation of classi…


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