Renaissance Architechture

From the beginning of time, buildings have gotten more and more extravagant.From the Egyptians and their pyramids to modern day skyscrapers, buildings have gotten bigger and easier to build.Some of the biggest advances in architecture was during the Renaissance time period, when the use of arcs and pillars, flying buttresses, and many-floored building began.Along with art, architecture gained huge advances. These advances affected everyone on the European continent and around the world.
It started on August 14,1418.Florence's new cathedral, Santa Maria del Fiore, had been under construction for more then a century.The architects did not know how to finish the dome they had wanted.Holding a contest, the builders said that whomever could make a model of the ideal dome would win 200 gold Florins.The battle began, people worked feverishly for six weeks.Soon they began to realize that building a dome was much more difficult then anyone had thought.As the century went on, and they were ready to build the dome two groups of people were asked to make detailed models.Thefirst was a man named Giovanni di Lapo Ghini, and the second was a group of artists led by a mason, Neri di Fioravanti.Their models were great, sometimes big enough that the architects could inspect the interior.Each group had their own idea of how the dome should be built.As the time went on the architects could not decide between the two. However, as the days went on the wardens started leaning toward Fioravanti's design.Giovanni then started to question the support of the dome.Stability was a big issue then, modern buildings have been built so we do not have to fear them collapsing.However, then, that fear was bigger then ever.The wardens adopted Fioravanti's idea, with the stipulation that his supports be bigger.It was then built, and has been like that since.A dome the size of Fioravanti's had never been done be…


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