The Renaissance was a period of rebirth in the arts. Yet this does not suggest that
the new techniques and styles came directly from this period but rather an integration of
old methods and new. This resulted in realistic, vivid, and emotional portals in works of
art. Such example is the engraving titled "Adam and Eve" by Albrecht Dürer. It was
created in c1504 during the Renaissance period. Throughout this period the ideas formed
were expressed in music, the arts, and literature.
Dürer was a religious man like many of the Early Renaissance Artists. This
engraving shows the event when Adam and Even ate from the fruit of the Tree of
Knowledge. In the beginning many people were still illiterate and could not decipher the
bible by themselves. So many portraits were made to become a "visual bible."
This black and white engraving depicts when Eve breaks off a branch from the
Forbidden Tree, and Adam is outstretching his hand to accept the fruit. They are lying
against the tree while the Four animals assembled around the tree. The animals are the
cat, ox, rabbit, and elk. They represent the medieval idea of the four temperaments, which
were the four bodily fluids that determined one's "essence"; their soul and destiny.
Dürer portrays Adam and Eve rather realistically which corresponds with the
Renaissance idea of humanism. Renaissance artists decided to go back to the Greek and
Roman methods of art but with a mixture of secular and religious theme. Adam and Eve
are sculpted in the round, figure appears to be able to be viewed 360degrees across. Dürer
extensively used the concept of perspective, the representation of solid objects into the
deception that they are actually three dimensional. An example in the engraving is how
the trees and house farther away from the Tree


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