During the 17th century many famous European artists came about. And among these artists is one of the most famous of all, Rembrandt van Rijn. Rembrandt possessed a profound understanding of human nature that was matched by a brilliant technique; Not only in painting but in drawing and etching as well. Rembrandts works made an enormous impact on his contemporaries and it influenced the style in which many artists later to come used. Rembrandts brilliant work isn't the only thing of interest.
Rembrandt was born in Leiden on July 15, 1606. Leiden is a city in the Netherlands in a province south of Holland. Rembrandt is the son of a miller. Despite the fact Rembrandts family came from rather modest means, Rembrandts family made sure that he received a good education. Rembrandt began his studies at a Latin school in Leiden where he studied mathematics, Greek, classical literature, geography, and history. From here Rembrandt enrolled at the University of Leiden at the age of 14. Rembrandt grew rather bored with the program at the University and he soon left to study art- first with a local master Jacob van Swanenburch, a history painter who spent time in Italy. With Swanenburch Rembrandt studied the Italian masters of the Renaissance. After three years Rembrandt moved to Amsterdam where he studied art withPieter Lastman, a man known for his historical paintings. After six months Rembrandt mastered everything he had been taught and so returned to Leiden in 1625. In Leiden Rembrandt set up his own independent studio and at the age of 22 Rembrandt took in hisfirst pupils, among which was Gerrit Dou, a man whom later becomes a famous Dutch painter known for his meticulous technique and illusionist effects in art.
In 1629 Rembrandt began thefirst of his numerous self-portraits. The paintings he completed in his studio showed a more mature use of chiaroscuro technique then his former master Lastman. Also in his studio Rembrandt …


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