Relics of the Early Greek and Roman Cultures

Relics of the Greek and Early Roman Cultures
I visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Saturday, November 30, 2002.When I entered the galleries, used a floor map to locate the rooms of the Belfer Court.This map showed me that all of the galleries I needed to complete the project were adjacent to each other, so I did not need to look at the map any longer.It was simple to figure out what time period the artifacts were from, since the information cards indicated it.The sculptures were also easy to find since they were noticeable due to their large sizes.The museum made the project a great learning experience.
The rooms of the Belfer Court featured Greek and Roman art from the earliest times to the seventh and sixth centuries B.C.Pottery had always been a great indicator of the values and traditions of the Greek civilizations.I located an example of pottery known as the Terracotta column-krater (41.162.79).It was from the Early Corinthian period in ca. 625 – 600 B.C.This was a bowl used for mixing wine and water.It was about one and a half feet in height and about two feet in diameter.This bowl was most likely used at parties and festivals.It was very popular at that time to paint vases, and this vase had paintings of padded dancers.These were dancers that wore special outfits that draw attention to the belly and the buttocks.The picture on the vase showed them dancing while circling around a wine-krater.It was probably made of clay or some other kind of material used for making pottery at those times.This item indicates that the people of those times enjoyed festivals and parties, and had a good idea of recreational activities.
The early Greek civilizations were known for being warrior cultures.The galleries in the rooms of the Belfer Court also featured many armaments and some weapons used in battle.I picked two similarly structured bronze helmets (1989.281.49,. 50).They were made i…


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