Artists have created artworks that explore different types of relationships. Relationships defined by the online dictionary means "Connection by blood or marriage, a romantic or sexual involvement, or/and the condition or fact of being related; connection or association". The type of relationships to be discussed in this essay are a family, as well as two people whom are in love and the relationship between objects e.g. lines and colour. Three artists that show these relationships are Pablo Picasso and his artwork called "Maternity", Wassily Kandinsky artwork called "Softened construction" and Jack Vettriano's artwork "Dance me to the end of love".
The importance and values of family is represented by Pablo Picasso artwork "Maternity", is a drawing using pastels. This artwork gives a dramatic overview of the basic drama of everyday life. The blue colour helps to evoke a tender mood, but the quality of line carries this tenderness into something akin to unhappiness. Many of Picasso's'blue' period works are plainly tragic (paintings of wasted beggars and bereft families). He achieves an intensity of emotion, resulting from the deliberate enlargement of a figure. The artist is making a negative statement of poor families in society. The artwork is cubism and the style and techniques such as the fine lines, the roughness of the skin, the old torn up clothing up the artist convey the all too seriousness of the artwork and its meaning.
The relationship between objects, can give the audience different meanings and interpretation of values, equations, society. This is shown through an abstract artwork, Wassily Kandinsky artwork "Softened Construction", it certainly is an abstract artwork created with oil on canvas. This artwork is from the Bauhaus period and shows a subdued colour harmony. Its composition has a remarkable tension as the lines and circles ar…


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