In reading the article "Conversion to Feminism" by Charlotte Wolf the aspect that most comes to mind is the inequality among men and women in society.Whenfirst reading the article we learn women are "a caste or class, linked together by their sex" that they are inferior.These women decided they would no longer stand for such discrimination.They were going to take back their lives.They were going to live as individuals and not just as mothers and housewives.Most joined feminist organizations, "joining a feminist organization was a very largefirst step towards commitment to a new perspective."They were going to redeem their individualism.
Furthering studying the article it is evident that women of society who are subordinate often experience feelings that they are "not" supposed to experience, and they also will have experiences that they cannot name. Through the process of sharing and validating these experiences, women can forge a community based on these feelings and our shared interpretation of them.In many cases women have shared many stories of how they feel as if they do not belong anywhere, they often experience the feelings of being a "loaner".
Redemption has tied into the theme of this article by the women wanting more.They want to be liberated and feel equal in society, at home, and in everyday life.Women in general want to change the world; they want to be apart and active in the world.They want opportunities, and the chance to live freely, without be obligated to stay home and do "their laundry" while the family goes out!


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