Recurring Delight

Seasons are caused by the Earth's tilt of axis and rotation.Spring, autumn, winter, and summer all offer many endeavors.Of the four seasons, summer provides the most entertaining activities.Of the many activities, traveling, hiking, and going to the lake are what make summer my favorite season.
Summer provides an apt time to partake in traveling.Traveling is an eye and mind opening experience.There is an excursion to Europe ever summer my family takes.Many special and magnificent landmarks and religious sites are there to visit.Having a summer vacation house in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, allows us to visit there during the summer.Colorado puts forth many different and fun filled adventures.The beach is another top traveling spot which is visited most frequently during the summer.The best site to holiday at is Ponte Vedra, Florida.During summer, traveling is a pleasurable thing to do.
Hiking is a superb activity to be involved with, during summer.While hiking one sees magnificent scenery.Watching a sunrise or sunset while hiking is breath-taking.Wide varieties of places to hike allow people to choose from a simple and flat or a vigorous and steep trail.These terrains provide different cardiovascular workouts.The choice of where to hike can fluctuate on what animals might be seen.Choosing to hike in Arkansas, one will probably end up seeing various birds, rather than choosing Colorado where one might see a timid chipmunk to a ferocious mountain lion.Hiking can be made into a joyous occasion.
The absolute best thing during summer is going to the lake.Ouchita is the most preferable to any of the other lakes surrounding the area of Fort Smith, Arkansas.Swimming is a fun sport to participate in while at the lake.Either by the dock or off of the boat, swimming provides a time to leisurely wade in the water.Riding jet skis offers exhilarating excitement at the lake.Driving fast, …


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