Recount where you found it useful and applied a mathematica

Simple sums, subtractions, multiplications and divisions have been a part of our daily life since the time which isn't recorded in history. It is in human nature to apply math to transactions and other such situations.
The earliest use of mathematics in history is counting perhaps, so is the case with my life. The earliest math I remember I applied was related to counting. I used to count the toffees my mother would give me for lunch while throwing the sandwich in my lunchbox. When the teacher would return me results for any test, I like all the other children, would count my marks making sure the teacher did the counting part right.
In today's highly economized world, where everyone wants to maximize his profit, even a child, intentionally or unintentionally, would do his mathematics and economics properly while buying some sweets. He would consider the trade-off between'quality and taste' seriously if given a choice of some tasty toffees at one toffee per buck or some other common sweets at two for one buck. Life is full of such instances for everyone. The earliest I remember when I was caught in a similar case was when I went to buy a cycle with my parents. Because I was buying it of my own pocket money, I had to make sure I'm not spending too much. For this reason I bought a simple cycle leaving the one with shocks and a meter, making sure I've enough left to buy video games.
I remember I used to count seconds before a signal would turn from red to green, and then later I would tell my father not to take some particular route because the signals over there took longer then some other road. I remember the way I used to impress my younger cousins asking them to count the number of squares in a big square divided into many smaller squares. While they would count every single square, I would multiply the number those on length side with those on the breadth one.
The concept of angles, though use…


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