Rebranding a branded nation

Some modern ads recently have been using more'unattractive' spokespersons to sell their products. For example, some microwavable dinner uses an average looking, heavier man to represent the meal. Two men who are just as heavy as each other eat two different meals. One man eats something healthy and along the lines of a'diet' meal, where the other man eats a "Hungry Man" microwavable dinner. The man who ate the Hungry Man meal is blow drying his hair, and when he turns to speak to the other man, his blow dryer blows away the man who ate the diet meal. I feel that this is a productive use of unattractive spokesmen, because most of the audience range that Hungry Man is trying to aim for is the heavier set'manly' men. Using men that normal people can relate to is the most effective way to sell a product. I also feel that when selling a diet product, like a pill, or a meal plan, the most effective way to sell successfully is to use actual patients who are overweight. Showing the before and after results from a product are most influential to the public. On the other hand, using unattractive persons to sell a product may backfire to the company. For example, using unattractive women to sell makeup may not work as well as using a beautiful flawless supermodel. There are certain instances when unattractive or less than perfect people may not be the best route to take, and there are also products that have tremendous gain off of normal looking, or possibly a little abstract associations. I would say it is a 50/50 chance when it comes to marketing, with any kind of representation. It doesn't always matter how good of an association you get with the product, sometimes it just won't be successful. The goal is to relate it to your targeted audience and try your best to sell, sell, and sell.

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2. Certain brands like the French Connection clothing line draw on the youth p…


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