ray charles

Ray Charles Robinson was born in 1932 in Albany, Georgia, he lost his eye sight
as a child and studied at the Saint Augustine, Florida, School for the blind. At three years
old Charles was already trying to involve himself in music. Charles knew a man named
Wylie Pitman who was one of thefirst people to encourage him in music.When Charles
was a child he would jump in the chair next to Pitman and bang the keys with all his
fingers. Pitman would say to him, “Oh no, son, you don’t play like that; you don’t hit the
keys with all your fingers at one time. I’m going to show you how to play a little melody
with one finger.” Pitman could have said, hey kid get away IM practicing, but he didn’t.
He let him play and sit in to learn the piano.
Things started to change fast shortly after that. Thefirst major tragedy in Charles
life was seeing his younger brother a very bright and talented kid, drown in a washtub
when he was five years old. Atfirst Charles thought he was playing, but it dawned on
him that he was drowning. Charles tried to save him but he was too heavy for him to pick
up, out of the washtub. This was very traumatic for Charles, and after that he started to
loose his sight. They tried to save his sight for as long as they could by keeping him away
from light. It took about two years for Charles to loose his sight, but by the time he was
seven it was gone completely. That is when Charles went to St. Augustine’s school for the
After loosing his sight, Charles didn’t make it a big deal because his mom
conditioned him for the day that he would be blind. His mom helped him deal with it by
showing him around and how to find things. That made it easier for Charles to deal with
things. His mom was very smart though considering thatshe had only gone to fourth
grade. She had knowledge all her own; knowledge of human nature and plenty of
As long as Charles could remember music was very e…


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