Raiders of the lost ark

The film Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark is one of the greatest films of all time every aspect of filmmaking in it is superb.The theme the plot the script the acting, all of it is great including the setting the costumes the makeup the direction the photography editing and sound is fabulous.Everything that makes a good movie a good movie is present in this film.
Theme- The theme of the movie is about courage, triumph over good and evil in the quest to find the mystical Ark of the Covenant.The director Steven Spielberg did not use any motifs to convey the theme but the director did use the reoccurring symbol of the headpiece to the staff of Raw.Whenever you saw it you get the feeling that time is running out or it is in the wrong hands.Spielberg did use a metaphor to strengthen the theme it also ties in with the symbol of the movie.When you see the German professional and he has the headpiece burned into his hand it symbolizes it falling into the wrong hands.
Plot- The plot of the movie is not profound but it is great the film is about Dr. Jones a professor of archaeology who is asked by the United States Military Intelligence Agency to beat the Germans in the race to find the lost Ark of the Covenantfirst.His journey takes him to Nepal, the dangerous market places of Cairo, and a top secrete submarine base in India.To complete his task Jones must survive poison, traps, snakes, treachery, and a division of the Nazi army.The plot is very good but it is somewhat unbelievable,first of all the movie is about the recovery of a religious artifact, which many people don't believe in any way.Secondly the fact that a college professor of archaeology is risking his life every minute doing amazing things like taking down an entire force of Nazi soldiers with his six shooter and his trusty whip.This makes the plot seem very surreal.
Script- The script of the movie is very good the dialogues of t…


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