rafael’s madonna and child

In this paper, I will discuss Rafael;s Madonna and Child Enthroned with Saints and also compare it to other paintings of the Madonna and Child by different artists.I will try to prove how the paintings differ according to their stylistic period in which they were painted by focusing on how each varies.Along with the differences is a lot of similarity in the themes of this particular work of art.For instance, the way the Madonna and Child are centered and raised above the other figures, and some gestures and symbols are recurrent themes. This continuity in themes reflects Christianities views of the holiness of the Madonna and Child, but variances in the styles of the paintings reflect societies changing views of Christianity in their lives.
Madonna (the Virgin Mary, Mother of God) conceived a son (Jesus Christ), implanted in her womb by the Holy Spirit.As seen in several of the Annunciation artworks, the archangel Gabriel approaches Mary and brings her a message of her virgin conception of a baby boy, who is to be the Son of God.The Virgin Mary is symbolized for her humility and purity as we have seen in the Merode Altarpiece, where every item, d;cor, and setting is representative of her sacredness and purity.The baby Jesus in Rafael;s painting depicts the holiness of Christ even as a child as figures praise Him and as He makes the sign of blessing.
Rafael;s portrayal of the Madonna and child is very expressive in regard to its content. He uses some of the same patterns as other artists, such as the Child giving the sign of blessing, and centering the Madonna and Child.The artist however differs from many of the other artists who try to depict the same scene. For example, in Hans Memling;s, Altarpiece of the Virgin with Saints and Angels (1479), the Virgin and Christ are not elevated above the other figures.Because this is 15th century Flemish art, we know that religion had become overl…


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