Questions every artist should ask themselves

There are very few young people today who know what careers they want to pursue.A student should never close doors that might lead to something significant, but if she or he, has decent grades in art and have sustained intrest in art related activities, a career in art could be the right ticket.
Contrary to popular belief, artists do not have terrible temperments,and mood swings.They do not necessarily spend their whole livesfighting for causes, dreaming, and well stariving.Art students wo ask themselves the following questions about their personalities may discover how suited they are to a career in the arts.
Self-dicipline: Can you meet deadlines? Can you set goals for yourself? Achieve them? Can you motivate your self?
Working: Do you like to work with your hands? Are you always trying to out do yourself? Are you willing to satart over again? Do you think about what you are working on, even when you are not working on it?
Seeing: Are you aware of both the good and bad in all walks of life? Do bad designs make you angry? Are you constantly trying to get your friends to see something you think is off balance or wrong? Are you aware of colors and shapes and how they work with one another?
Creativity: Do you come up with different ideas not always in the art field? Are you constantly trying to find new ways of expressing yourself? Do you find ways to appreciate art, even if it does not appeal to you atfirst glance? Are you always on the lookout for new and refreshing ideas?
Working with Others: Can you truly accept criticism of others? Do you enjoy talking about your works of art with others? Do you enjoy other people? Can you truly praise the works of others?
All of these questions can help students understand themselves a little better. These should all be considered, whenconsidering a career in the art field.


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