Queen Elizabeth

When Queen Elizabeth I became Queen in November in 1558, it was thought that she would restore Protestant faith in England.Although, before Queen Elizabeth I rule, her sister Queen Mary was strictly Catholic while Elizabeth was strictly Protestant.When Mary died, Queen Elizabeth succeeded the throne.Elizabeth's main concern was the peace and stability of the state, and if the state is stable then your people are happy.If the people are happy then you are powerful and have complete control over them (Haigh, P. 170). With that in mind she was very tolerant in the Catholic lifestyle that allowed her in the long run to keep the stability and keep the people happy.One of her main goals was to have a church that appealed not only to Protestants, but also Catholics.Although Queen Elizabeth I was Protestant, she did not want to convert the churches completely Protestant because that would make it even harder for Catholics to accept a Protestant lifestyle (Rosman, P.92).All in all, the Queen liked parts of Catholicism that were adopted into the Protestant church. That made the transition for the people easier, and therefore the Queen was well liked and had increasing power over them (Rosman, P. 91).
With the reformed churches, by 1603 England was mostly Protestant making Catholics the minority.One main factor that helped Queen Elizabeth I stay in power and keep the people's trust was to accommodate each belief.Although it was illegal to practice Catholicism, she didn't care what went on as long as the people were faithful to her and attended church regularly (Rosma, P.39).Then she was happy.Then the people were somewhat happy.
Another main factor in why religion helped Queen Elizabeth I keep her power was because the courts and counsels were monopolized by Protestant leaders that were appointed by the Queen (Haigh, P.34).With Protestant officials appointe


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