It was the summer of 2002 before I had moved to Maine. The And1 Mixtape tour has just begun and was coming to downtown Atlanta for the weekend of June 14-16 Friday, Saturday and Sunday.On Friday they would be going to places like the Lennox Mall or Mall of Georgia for autograph sessions and other fun activities.I wasn't even going to bother going their because of the millions and millions of people with hot sweaty breaths that were going to be crowded together to meet the And1 players.On Saturday they would have open runs which meant that anybody who thinks they can compete against the And1 players could showcase their talent but again I wasn't going to bother doing that either.I have skills but come on theirs lots of talented athletes who can dunk on you brutally and make you look like an idiot.On Sunday they would have a game where the and 1 players show off their skills and give the crowd a show worth their money.Im a huge fan of the NBA but street ball which And1 is totally different and more exuberant.Street Ball has circus type dunks and killer crossovers which sometime can break a person ankles because of the degree the move was performed in. I was definitely going to this tour because I have seen all the And 1 Mixtape videos from vol 1-3 and now that it was coming to my home town there was no way on gods green earth I was going to miss this.
As soon as I went home I called up my best friend:
Briiiiiiiiing brrrriiiing, brrrrrrrrrriiiing,
Khalid: Yo son you wont believe who iz coming to the phillips arena
Khalid: Hot sauce and the rest of the ankle breakin folks
Al: Yo, foreal don't be playin like that
Khalid: Yo Im serious put that on everything cuz
Al: Da** , you know that sh** going to be of the hizzel fo Shizzel. Im definitely their , how much it be to get in
Khalid: Sh** the open run is free, but to watch the game I think it be about 25 bucks
Al: Sh** , Fu** that …


I'm Sandulf

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